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Enterprise IT Adoption Cycle


Hilarious in its own right (cuz it’s true), but click here for the original post to read Simons PS remarks and comments.

Beginning the end

After deciding to consolidate my tech down to a laptop and a phone, I spent some time (OK, quite a bit of time) figuring out which laptop to choose. I wanted something with a great display (since I’ll be looking at a lot), lots of RAM, (to run virtual machines in), a separate video card (no shared graphics for me), and it had to fit into the case I already have (saving some money there.)

I ended up ordering a Samsung Series 7 14-inch laptop. Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, SSD cache (16GB),  1600×900 led screen, backlit keyboard, and 1GB Radeon graphics. Half the cost and better specs than Ultrabooks or MacBooks and it fits in the Briggsand Reily case I bought for the HP Mini a couple of years ago.

I’m loading it up now, knowing I’ll just have to do it again in a few weeks when Win8 hits TechNet.

Pretty sweet so far.

The machine doesn’t forget, but I did.

I originally grabbed this domain (notastute.com) and had it pointed to a WordPress.org site (the hosted side of WordPress) many years ago. That costs money, and the email address I gave them at the time became lost in the Internets somewhere and the site died due to a lack of redirect funding. (Raise your hand if you followed that.)

I honestly don’t know what (if anything?) was ever posted there.

9780735_mFast forward to the beginning of July this year, and I decided to post to a blog somewhere on a semi-regular basis again, for whatever reason. So, forgetting I already owned the domain, I tried to register notastute.com and to my surprise I found it was already taken. Doing no further research ‘in the moment,’ I cried about it and then grabbed up notastute.net and set up shop there, testing out another registrar and web host in the process (Blue Host).

Yesterday, as I was in the process of donating hosting space to a friend I noticed that, TA DA!, I was the idiot that had grabbed notastute.com. The DNS records were pointing to WordPress who were understandably disappointed in me for not renewing my domain pointing option thingie service with them.


So I un-did the DNS records and pointed them back to the domain with the hosting plan that allows sub-domains and all was good.

I created a notastute.com email address to go with the new site and installed WP 3.4.1 and settled on a good enough for free theme and now I’m back in business.

As a hilarious side note, once the site came up on the new DNS records, there were existing subscriptions to the old site that promptly notified the subscribers that there was a new post available on noastute.com (Hello World.) So, the machine doesn’t forget, but I did.

Image bought and paid for (by me) from 123rf.com