9 Scientific Breakthroughs That Happened Totally by Accident


From Gizmodo:

You may recall that inventions like9 Scientific Breakthroughs That Happened Totally by Accident the microwave and Play-Doh were mere happy accidents. And of course you’ve heard of Alexander Fleming’s penicillin jackpot. But there are so many more scientific breakthroughs that came about through sheer dumb luck that you may not have heard of.

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How To Make An Electricity-Free Refrigerator

How To Make an Electricity-Free Refrigerator

From Gizmodo:

Conventional refrigeration does an incredible job keeping food fresh. But that technology hasn’t helped desert dwellers without steady electricity. A more recent development in refrigeration—the Zeer pot-in-pot refrigerator—only requires water, sand, and a hot, dry climate to preserve produce through evaporative cooling. Here’s how to make the simple gadget.

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Your smartphone is so smart it takes 14 gadgets and $1,200 to match it


From the Next Web article:

Ever wondered how much it would cost you to replicate the functionality of today’s smartphones with a collection of standalone gadgets? I picked out the main functions and apps of my iPhone 4S and tried to find approximate replacements for each of them on Amazon. The total bill came to $1,228.11, and the devices collectively weighed more than eight pounds.

Today’s smartphone, be it an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, is arguably the most versatile and functional tool we’ve ever used. The “There’s an app for that” slogan has become a reality. Meanwhile, most of my other devices are left collecting dust, as I’m usually content just going out with a phone, keys and a wallet.

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