The lost art of painting a sign

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A trailer for a movie about… sign painters.

The Complete Guide To America’s Jobs Crisis And The Failure Of Monetary Policy Using Animated Gifs

From Business Insider:

Author Mike Konczal helpfully uses animated .gifs to simply break down the most critical theoretical debate of our time.

Warning: A few of the gifs have some salty language in the text.

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Are you still here? Go read (and watch) the thing. Hilariously troubling.

Lorna’s 1930s Shepherd’s Wagon


From the tinyhouse blog:

Over the course of two summers starting in 1945, Lorna Benedict lived in a shepherd’s wagon on a large ranch in Wyoming. During her stint as a shepherd she watched over a herd of sheep, chopped her own firewood, shot and skinned local wildlife and fished the rivers for her food. Every few weeks, when the sheep moved on to feed, horses would be hooked up to the wagon so she and her home could continue the process. When asked what she liked about the lifestyle, she said “Nothing!”

“Well…at that age, it wasn’t what I wanted to do,” Lorna added. “But now that I look back on it, it was really amazing to be out in nature with those mountains in Wyoming. I sure did read a lot.

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