What, me worry?

  • Porter Stansberry writes in the S&A Digest:
    • According to independent analysts (Bloomberg News and State Budget Solutions), the state of California is now $617 billion in debt. This figure includes likely future pension fund contributions. That’s more than twice as much as the next most indebted state, New York ($305 billion).
      California has about 37 million people. About 15% of these folks are under 18 years old. So that leaves about 30 million adults. As a rough measure, we can assume that only about 60% of the adults are working… That leaves about 18 million actual workers. It’s these folks who (in theory) will bear the burden of these debts. That’s $34,000 per worker in the state of California. Do you think the average citizen in California can really afford an extra $34,000 in debt?

Entrepreneurs, Investors and Financial Engineers – Not All are “BusinessPeople”

From blogmaverick.com by Mark Cuban:

The Cause of Bubbles =Investment vs Financial Engineering

Oct 11th 2008 3:12PM

Let me get this straight. In 2008, funds trying to squeeze out another basis point or two thought they were being conservative buying insurance on heavily leveraged portfolios of sub prime loans and other debt. Once those loans started to default, it created a cascading deleveraging event which lead to major financial institutions failing and the “smartest” minds on Wall Street being forced to dump everything to raise cash, which in turn lead to a crisis of confidence and deleveraging that created the worst week in the history of the stock markets. Did I get this right ?

In 1987, funds, trying to squeeze out another basis point or two thought they were being conservative, buying insurance on leveraged stock portfolios. Once the stock prices on those portfolios started to drop, their insurance programs pushed them to dump everything AND sell stock index futures to raise cash, which in turn lead to a crisis of confidence and deleveraging that created the worst single day melt down in the history of the stock markets. Did I get this right ?

Think it wont happen again ? Of course it will. Whatever money the Fed makes available to stimulate the economy will be used, as intended, by entrepreneurs and businesspeople to create and grow businesses.

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calm.com–a place to relax

imageYour mileage may vary, but I found it calming.


This is where the Internet lives

imageUmmm, Google sort of kind of did the Street View thing with regards to their data centers. Enjoy.



A Problem-Free Philosophy

man sitting on field

From howtonotgiveafuck.com:

#howtonotgiveaFUCK is a philosophy that recognizes the absurdity of attaching desire to any idea, object, person, etc. We strive to promote this way of life by offering advice and inspiring others to improve their lives.

  • Don’t ignore the problems you face. Rather, come to terms with them.
  • Realize your insignificance amidst the rest of the universe – It is the epitome of narcissism to think that our individual actions have any consequence in a universe where the entire Milky Way Galaxy is a tiny spec on the map. Likewise, most if not everything, people take issue with is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.
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ISS Startrails – TRONized

ISS Startrails – TRONized from Christoph Malin on Vimeo.


Do you remember 1982′s “TRON” movie? The plot: A computer programmer (epic: Jeff Bridges) is digitized inside the software world of a mainframe computer, where he interacts with various programs in his attempt to get back out. Including light cycle races and strange solar wind ships…

Back in the real word the ISS is in a way one of these solar ships, constantly rotating around us. A tiny white spot, as it can be seen racing over the sky from time to time, when illuminated by the sunset (and sunrise ;) .

This Video was achived by “stacking” image sequences provided by NASA from the Crew at International Space Station. These “stacks” create the Star Trails, but furthermore make interesting patterns visible. For example lightning corridors within clouds, but they also show occasional satellite tracks (or Iridium Flashes) as well as meteors – patterns that interrupt the main Star Trails, and thus are immediately visible.

The many oversaturated hot pixels in some of the scenes are the inevitable result of high ISO settings the Nikon D3s in ISS-use are pushed to for keeping exposure times short (owed to the dramatic speed the ISS travels). As there are no dark frames or RAW data currently available, hot pixels are not easy to remove.

After the initial stacking, all images have been sequenced with Apple Motion and the Video cut and edited with Final Cut Pro X. Stacked with the StarStaX app, get it here: markus-enzweiler.de/software/software.html

All sequences and images courtesy “The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth”, Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center, eol.jsc.nasa.gov/Videos/CrewEarthObservationsVideos/

Closing sequence © Christoph Malin / ESO.org / filmed at Cerro Paranal.

Thanks a lot to my favourite bad Astronomer, Phil at BadAstronomy for first posting the film (blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2012/10/16/my-god-its-full-of-star-trails/) and many many thanks to Vimeo for the Staff Pick!

Great minimal soundtrack “Eileen” by Lee Rosevere (members.shaw.ca/happypuppyrecords/index.html), and a short clip of “Window #3″ by Two Bicycles (freemusicarchive.org/music/Two_Bicycles/Beko_Crash_Symbols_1/07_Window_3). VIMEO MUSIC STORE ROCKS!

A truckload of thanks go out to NASA astronaut Don Pettit (petapixel.com/2012/06/25/astronaut-don-pettit-floating-with-his-huge-camera-collection-on-the-iss/) and his colleagues for taking these images, and making films like this one reality!

Finally, please also be aware of Light Pollution (plightwithlight.org/index.php?id=49&L=1) one can see in many of these scenes! In the US join darksky.org/ for preserving the night skies for our children!!

Always believe in your dreams and make it possible!

All the best,
Christoph Malin

PS: At about 1:42 you see Comet “Lovejoy” rising…

"Pumpkin" Pies


From thehairpin.com:


This is so dumb easy that I’m ashamed I didn’t think of it before.

A few weeks ago, in the run-up to the annual ritual I’ve established of absolutely losing my mind over Halloween, I bought a set of three Wilton cookie cutters: a pumpkin, a bat, and a candy corn. I really only bought it for the bat, but the set of three was cheaper than the single bat option the store had and I liked the cut of the Wilton bat’s jib better. I figured I could just pitch the other two or whatever. But then I was looking at the pumpkin cookie cutter and thinking about how I had a package of refrigerated pie crust in my fridge and was like, “I could make a darling hand pie with that thing. And, like, fill it with jam? Because I’ve got 30 blasted jars of jam in my fridge even though I don’t eat jam and right. I shall do this!”

Then I mentioned the idea to a certain editrix and she threatened me with murder if I didn’t write it for the internet and she wants the police to know she’s just kidding but I’m not so sure about that SO HERE ARE INSTRUCTIONS.

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The Small House Movement: What’s the Big Deal?

Lakeside Cottage First Floor

Compared to the rest of the world, North America often seems to be the epitome of all things super-sized. We live in houses and apartments that would be considered gigantic in many parts of the world. We fill up our houses with stuff, then we fill up our garages (a true luxury for most in the world) with stuff, and often end up renting self-storage units to handle the overflow! A whole cottage industry has sprung up just around dealing with forgotten and abandoned storage units.

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The person you used to be still tells you what to do

Post image for The person you used to be still tells you what to doFrom raptitude.com:

This happens a lot. Much of what you do today (or don’t do) was decided by the person you were years ago, a person with less life experience and less insight into your values. Your identity — as in who you are to yourself, and who you are to others — changes throughout your life, and the person most qualified to be deciding how you spend your time now is always going to be who you are today.

But we often don’t work like that. We work from conclusions made years ago, usually with no idea of when we made them, or why. Most of our standing impressions are probably based on a single experience — one instance of unpleasantness or disappointment that turned you off of entire categories of recreational activities, lifestyles and creative pursuits, forever.

A conclusion is not the point at which you find the truth, it’s only the point at which the exploring stops. We do it quickly and unconsciously and the effects are long-lasting. In no time you’re left with a standing belief, a sort of surrogate “fact” in your head, left over from a time when you didn’t know any better.

A lot of the things that feel like are not for you are indeed for you. The person you used to be still wants you to be the person you used to be.

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