Positioning a tiny house

So, you’ve built your tiny house (I’m so jealous…) and backed it close to where it’ going to live but there is a gate, or something in the way. How do you get your house into its final position? This is how.


It’s called a powermover. Here’s the site.

Stop wasting food


We should probably put this up in the kitchen…

Click here for the whole infographic

A10s refueled by KC 135 Stratotanker

You may have seen mid-air refueling before and admired thepilots that fly up to the KC-135, but check out who and how gets the job done on the KC-135.

Video by Staff Sgt. Robert Barne| 124th Fighter Wing
190th Fighter Squadron A-10 Thunderbolt II’s performing air to air refueling from a KC-135

Google Glass

OK, we’ve all heard about the ‘wearable’ Google that, well, Google is working on.

Here’s a video released by Google about the experience.

And a great article about meeting the team and trying the glass from Joshua Topolsky on Verge.

Smile, naturally

Does what it says on the label.

Good to know; and handy, too


All those symbols on the fabric care tag, explained. This is going up by the washer.

Click here (or on the image) for the full graphic.

A Pattern Language for Tiny Houses

Carrie of clotheslinetinyhomes.com writes about how tiny houses can express many patterns. Good ideas, good thinking, and good examples.

I think I have some reading to do.


Here’s the post.

Compact Slingshot Crossbow

From the slingshot channel on YouTube. What, you didn’t know there’s a slingshot channel on YouTube? Now you do.